About Rumas

Rumas Collection, was launched in Singapore in December, 1989 as a small home-based Fashion Store. It aimed to successfully present a 'Creation', reflecting the Indian craftsmanship in a contemporary vocabulary.

While schooling in Kolkata, Ruma has worked in her family's Textile business for a few years, learning the ropes. The traditions of her hometown, Kolkata, has been a lifelong inspiration for Ruma, who strongly believes that 'Clothes are just an extension of one's intellect.'

In August, 1991, Ruma opened her first Retail outlet in Singapore. Soon her collection was met with an incredible and enthusiastic response from the women of Singapore, from all walks of life and from all races. Her work has since evolved within an aesthetic, which is sophisticated both in ethnic and fusion sense.

Rumas Collection took another most daring leap in June, 1992 when she held her very first Fashion Show at the Holiday Inn, Park Plaza. The concept, which was totally new in the Indian fashion scene in Singapore then, was an unqualified success. Year after year, as each and every show was a sellout, venues kept changing as well From Holiday Inn to Hilton to Hyatt and finally to The Ritz !

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